Saws for meat mincer

Circular bone saw blades

For noiseless quick cut with popular machines like EFA, FREUND, JARVIS, MAJA. Available also with hard edges!

Butcher band saw blades

Butcher band saw blades welded, teeth set and sharpened, available in following widthst: 20, 16 resp. 15 mm. With hardened teeth edges an different teethshapes. INOX available upon request.

Butcher handsaws and -blades

Butcher bend saw blades

teeth 3mm set and sharpened. Made from special steel or stainless.

Butcher hand saw blades

(ready to use). Made from special steel or stainless in rolls of 10 or 20 m length.

Butcher hand saws

(Diston-shape) stainless steel, length from 300 to 600 mm.